Regeneration – Reflections on Doctor Who Series 1-7

I just finished watching Series 7 of Doctor Who, Matt Smith's final season as The Doctor, and I feel compelled to document some of my thoughts. I think the most apt title for this post would be "How I Got Over the 10th Doctor," but I don't want to be too dramatic. Warning: Spoilers from… Continue reading Regeneration – Reflections on Doctor Who Series 1-7

Respecting Gender Boundaries In Muslim Organizations

Muslim organizations, particularly those involved with youth, need to emphasize the importance of respecting gender boundaries. It's not just about what's halal & haram. It's about what can be a potential risk for people falling into haram. Nobody is safe. Nobody. 1-on-1 private meetings/calls, casual jokes, sending jokes, emojis, LOLs, and being overly friendly -… Continue reading Respecting Gender Boundaries In Muslim Organizations

Gossip, Assumptions, & Minding Our Business

"There is no good in much of their private conversation, except for those who enjoin charity or that which is right or conciliation between people." (Quran 4:114) Some of us have a tendency to gossip with our inner circles, thinking it's okay because it's behind closed doors. Are our conversations about enjoining charity, good acts,… Continue reading Gossip, Assumptions, & Minding Our Business